Retail Store Checks

"A visit to a retail location to observe general conditions and/or gather specific information. Often used in the context of measuring compliance for an in-store campaign."

Many brands achieve 80% or more of their sales at the shelf, therefore ensuring compliance of your shelf strategy at the retail level is crucial to your success. Reliance solely on retail associates to present your brand is often fraught with with difficulties and pitfalls. 
Each brand is unique and we measure what is critical to you and your business. Impact Strategic Marketing will work with your team to define areas which need to be examined. We will define how results will be measured and develop a system for reporting our findings. We will send teams into the field to gather data and provide documentary photography. We provide detailed analysis of the audit with our recommendations for corrective action if needed.
Our comprehensive smart phone app enables our field staff to visit a retail location and provide real-time data for analysis to our clients. Using the app provides a process whereby supervisory staff can provide corrective instructions to our teams while they are still at the location, rather than having to send someone out at a later time, and at additional cost.
Real time functionality includes:
  • Time and date capture of visit
  • Accurate GPS mapping of each location
  • GPS-tagged photos of retail location
  • Time & GPS tagged photography of condition of shelves, product assortment and packaging specific imagery
  • Two way communication via text between supervisory staff and field teams

Our analysis will address:
  • Shelf pack-out
    • Adherence to brand guidelines
    • Stock level on shelf
    • On pack promotion dates
    • Average age of product on shelf
    • Sell by dates
  • Sales unit positioning:
    • Where on the shelf?
    • Where in store?
    • Prominence of promotional and point of sale material
  • Price points and competitor price points