Webcasting and Streaming

Let’s face it, the COVID pandemic of 2020 has changed everything about how we do business. Just because your teams can’t travel to your important meetings doesn’t mean you need to settle for just another Zoom call. We can lead you to a successful hybrid sales meeting, leadership conference or virtual trade show. We will help you plan and execute a live or pre-recorded streaming event and webcast it to a global audience or your work-from-home employees. Our scalable, platform ensures that your attendees get the most benefit out of your event and enjoy the excitement and interaction of a live conference.

Virtual attendees participate in your event by watching the presentations, engaging with presenters and sharing their thoughts with each other. Our advanced analytics provide insight to your audience’s understanding and involvement of the webcast.

Webcasts are perfect for:

  • Corporate sales meetings
  • Shareholder meetings
  • Product launches and demonstrations
  • Webinars and online training
  • TV interviews and media tours
  • Government meetings
  • Performances and cultural events

Bonded Cellular Remote Transmission


Covering live streaming events at locations outside of the office has traditionally required the use of high speed wired internet or the use of a satellite transmission truck. Both are can be logistically difficult and satellite is very expensive. However, with the advent of cellular bonding technology, we are now able to cost-effectively transmit high definition, broadcast quality video from any location.

Cellular bonding combines multiple cellular and wireless networks (2.5G, 3G, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi & WiMAX) together to obtain a single reliable and robust video uplink capable of

transmitting HD video. Traditionally, cellular has been inherently unstable and subject to all kinds of transmission glitches including dropped signals, pixelization, jitters, audio problems etc. Factors which affect the quality of transmission include bandwidth availability, latency, loss rate and outside interference.

Cellular bonding takes your event video signal and transmits its data packets separately, over multiple cellular modems instead of relying on a single link with a single point of failure. In addition to transmission redundancy benefits, each modem is effectively

transmitting a much lower bandwidth stream. On the receiver side, software installed on the receiving computer receives and reconstructs the video. Bonded cellular links provide standard network protection, including WEP, WPA, and WPA2 security.

Bonded cellular transmission truly permits secure, quality video streaming from anywhere in the world.